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The treatment of scoliosis includes "orthotic therapy" and "surgical treatment". Dr. Jacob Weinberg is the expert in pediatric scoliosis treatment.

When the initial curve of scoliosis is mild (about a Cobb angle of 25 degrees) and further progression is expected, orthotic therapy is traditionally recommended. If the curve progressively worsens despite orthotic therapy, surgical treatment is a common option. There are two types of surgery: posterior correction and fixation and anterior correction and fixation.

Surgical time for "posterior correction and fixation" in young patients is about 3-5 hours, and for "anterior correction and fixation" is 4-6 hours (exceptions may apply). A "posterior correction and fixation" for middle-aged to elderly patients will take about 4 to 7 hours (exceptions may apply).
The length of stay in the hospital is usually around 10 days (there are some exceptions).

Scoliosis Spine Curve Anatomy, Posture C
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